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A good starting point to understand the Covid19/vaccination strangeness/madness & why things don't make sense:
Mass Formation Psychosis by Dr Robert Malone

If you think the NZ government & NZ media tells the truth, think again, watch this and see just one example of lies:
How the NZ Media & Government Lies - From 2nd March 2022

If you think this is a safe country, with a caring government, and caring police force, there to protect us, think again, watch this:
Brutal violent NZ Police - From 2nd March 2022

If you want to go crazy and really understand a lot of what has been going on, watch this 2hr 48min video:
Dr. Robert Malone interviewed Joe Rogan - 1st Jan 2022

For a bit of funny irony, watch this:
Karen - by the World Genocide Forum

What is funny is that my first two goto people for news and ideas are David Icke & Alex Jones, both censored and derided by the mainstream.

David Icke

David has been exposing the global conspiracy for 30 years, the global cult, from a time when no one was interested, through being accused of being crazy and later dangerous, to now being proved right. As such he is a superb source of real insight.

I suggest you checkout the other David Icke vidoes here: David Icke on Banned.Video
He also has a Telegran channel DavidIckeOfficial

Alex Jones

I suggest you checkout Alex's news here: Banned.Video

Mass Formation & Mass Delusional Psychosis

These videos explain why and how so many have been brainwashed about the Covid 19 virus and "vaccines"

Karen Brewer