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Most people are used to YouTube. Other options, like Odysee & Rumble are a little different, and like me you may not know how to do things you're used to.
I hope this guide helps you to use alternate options and help you get away from the censored YouTube.


I highly recommend you get the Odysee app, it's way better than just using the website.
When I started using it I thought it wasn't as good a YouTube. Then I found things, and writing this guide has helped me to find more.
Now I realise how cool it is :)
On each channel you want to follow, don't just click on "Follow". You need to click the bell to get notifications.

Odysee Bell

You can manage all subscriptions and whether you want notifications.
First click here:

Odysee Menu

Then click on "Manage" and you'll see a list of subscriptions and you can adjust each one as you want :)

Odysee Manage


I highly recommend you get the Rumble app, a much better experience than just the website.
To control notifications, first click on the "Home" page (bottom left)
Then click on the "Account" page (bottom right):

Rumble Account

Then click on "Subscriptions", and there you can control which channels give you notifcations, and if you click on the bell, how often you get notifications from that channel.

Rumble Subscriptions