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How to Red Pill

What is Red Pilling

Many people get their news and information from the mainstream media, from fact checkers, and from the government.
Shockingly to many, and unsurprisingly to some, that means that most people are brainwashed by lies and propaganda.
Many people just "take the blue pill", and remain in blissful ignorance of reality.
Some people prefer to live their lives knowing what is true and what is not. They prefer to have real free will, being able to make decisions based on truth.
The question is, how to encourage/help those who are brainwashed, happy in ignorance, to be red pilled, to wake up.
That is what this page is for.

What does not work

Undoing brainwashing, red pilling people, takes skill and care.
The techniques most people use do not work. If you tell people information, and if you act as if what you have to tell them is very important, they will step back, and reject you.
Facts do not matter to the brainwashed.
The brainwashed do not want to be told things.

My Path in Fighting for Freedom

As you will see from my website, I am striving to fight for freedom.
After looking at the data on Covid19, after following the news, I decided that I should concentrate on what I could do to help fight for freedom.
I've written pages on subjects I've looked at on my quest:
I've studied how we got here, by looking at The Psychology - Of mass hypnosis & totalitarianism
I've looked at Learn from History - Those Who Don't Learn from History are Destined to Repeat It.
I've looked at why we must speak out, or do something You Must Speak Out
I've read about Totalitarianism - Articles by CJ Hopkins.
I've learnt about speaking to people on the street Take Action - with things learnt from previous tyrannies.
I've had someone contribute to an article on speaking to people on the street Talking to People

Where this finally led me

Finally after all of this, and searching for ways to red pill people, I came across Larken Rose.
Everything that follows is around Larken, or people with similar beliefs, ways to red pill people, and about Statism vs Anarchy/Voluntaryism.

A Summary of Larken's Approach to Red Pilling

The psychology of talking to people - which is really The Socratic Method, which means asking people questions.
The difference between people who believe in authority and those who do not.
Those who believe in authority, who think they are subservient to the government, police etc, are called Statists.
Those who do not believe in authority are called Anarchists.
Of course most people have been brainwashed to think "anarchist = bad". Please just suspend that thought until you learn more.
Combining the way to talk to people with the inherent self-contradictions in believing in authority, to create cognitive dissonance.

Larken Rose Videos

Larken posts lots of free content. I'd like you to listen to some of it:
The Complete and Undeniable Truth by Larken Rose
Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion by Larken Rose
The Tiny Dot by Larken Rose
The Most Dangerous Superstition Book by Larken Rose - pdf. If you like it, go buy a copy to pay Larken back for his work.
The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose - Audio of the book.

Etienne De La Boiette Videos

Etienne De La Boiette is a great speaker and listening to him will improve your understanding of Statism vs Anarchy, and Voluntaryism
Government,The Biggest Scam In History with Etienne De La Boiette interviewed by Scott Armstrong
Etienne De La Boiette interviewed by Buffalo & Leggs of False Reality Check

Learn how to talk to people

First you need to learn the psychology that works. I recommend you pay for this online course. I have and I'm glad I did. I don't know where else I'd learn this.
Candles in the Dark - with Larken Rose and Amanda Rose.
There are 2 days worth of videos from a 2 day seminar.
Please DO NOT download and republish these videos. Larken is not rich. The course is worth the money, and he deserves to be paid for it.
I make nothing from making this recommendation. I just want to spread the word.
To fully understand why I say that, please watch this video: Calling Me Out - with Larken Rose & Amanda Rose, which covers Larken's story.

Bringing it Together

Once you've paid for Larken & Amanda's course, watched it, and learn how to talk to people, then you need to write down a list of questions and ways to get people to a state of cognitive dissonance.

The Five Questions

From this video: Five Questions - Government on Trial by Larken Rose

  1. Is there any means by which any number of individuals can delegate to someone else the moral right to do something which none of the individuals have the moral right to do themselves?
  2. Do those who wield political power (presidents, legislators, etc.) have the moral right to do things which other people do not have the moral right to do? If so, from whom and how did they acquire such a right?
  3. Is there any process (e.g., constitutions, elections, legislation) by which human beings can transform an immoral act into a moral act (without changing the act itself)?
  4. When law-makers and law-enforcers use coercion and force in the name of law and government, do they bear the same responsibility for their actions that anyone else would who did the same thing on his own?
  5. When there is a conflict between an individual's own moral conscience, and the commands of a political authority, is the individual morally obligated to do what he personally views as wrong in order to "obey the law"?

Would it be ok for me to break into your house and steal some of your stuff?

What about if you broke into my house and stole some of my stuff?
What about if I got a group of people to break into your house and steal some of your stuff?
What about if I gave them uniforms, fancy cars, and wrote out a piece of paper saying they should break into your house and steal some of your stuff?
What about if on their uniforms it said "POLICE"? Would that make it ok?

Is it ever good to break the law?

For example, if you'd lived during Nazi Germany, when Jews were segregated and discriminated against, and then sent to gas chambers to die, would you have broken the law to help them?

Majority Rule

Does the majority have the right to do whatever if wants to a minority, as long as it uses voting and the political process?


Are there things you'd rather your taxes not go towards?


Is it ok to vote to force others to pay for things they don't want to pay for?
This part is a work in progress....more soon.

Etienne De La Boiette's Red Pilling Book

Etienne claims to be able to Red Pill people with his book, which is mainly pictures.
This is a pdf of the preview copy:
“Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! Edition 5
Edition 5 which includes the Covid scam is due out soon.