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As more people are learning, the corporate-owned media are the true purveyors of fake news. They are the pro-authoritarian, pro-establishments public relations division for the current control structure. The truth is, news sites that are pro-liberty or critical of the government who discuss topics not aligned with the corporate talking points are attacked for being “fake”.
These attacks are the establishment’s way of discrediting the media that are exposing the inconsistencies in their narrative. This tactic is not working any more, and people are starting to see them for who they truly are. Here is a list of the more popular alternative news sites that fly under the radar of most people. - nofakenews

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I recommend the Brave Browser

Get off Google because it restricts what you can find. If you access the internet via Google, effectively the internet is shrinking. More and more you'll only find what they want you to find.
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