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Misinformation vs Truth

Whatever you think, how do you know what is true and what is misinformation?
How do you know who is telling you the truth and who is lying?
I simply ask you, whatever you believe, to listen to the "other side", and at the least, consider that some, or most, of what your believe might be wrong.
I think it is better to learn, to discover that you are wrong about something, and to change your mind, than to live with falsehoods.
There is nothing bad about being wrong and changing your mind. What's wrong is to stick to falsehoods despite mounting evidence & clues.
With that in mind, please read on and try and consider these things with an open mind.

Things that make you go "hmmmmm"

The vaccines are "Safe & Effective", apparently.
If they are safe, why are so many people reporting severe adverse effects, and why are they being silenced?
If there are just a few adverse events, then why not be open about it?
If all the people are lying, then why not talk about it openly?
Why the censorship? Why? What are they trying to hide?

If they are effective, why do you need a booster? So they are only effective for 6 months, no 4 months, no 3 months, no 2 months?! But not against the next variant? Is that really "effective"?

If people who get vaccinated can still catch SAR-COV2 and spread it, are they "safer" than unvaccinated people?
Is all of the demonization of the unvaccinated warranted? Who is safer to be around, the vaccinated or the unvaccinated? Are you sure?

The SAR-COV2 virus, which causes Covid-19 is really dangerous, apparently. Then why does it kill fewer than 1 in 1000 people (less than 0.1%), meaning more than 99.9% survive, the same as a seasonal flu?
Why have they made it sound very dangerous? Why have they terrified so many people? Why do so many people think it kills 20% of people who catch it?

Why haven't they mentioned treatments? Why are there so many "articles" and "studies" saying that every treatment is "dangerous and doesn't work for Covid"?
You'd think they'd be focussed on health, and how to prevent serious illness and death.
Why no mention of the simplest and one of the most effective preventatives? Yes, Vitamin D3. Cheap and very effective at reducing the effects of the virus.

Why do they call people fighting for Freedom and for people's rights "extremists and terrorists"? Why try to discourage people from looking at what those people are saying?

Why claim to be "your single source of truth". Really? Does that even sound rational?

Can you see that this is all propaganda? Propaganda is not truth. It is lies repeated so often that people will believe it.

What are your sources of Information?

The TV, Radio, Jacinda Ardern, Ashley Bloomfield, CNN, Anthony Fauci? - Are they legitimate sources of information and science?
What makes you think they are trustworthy? How do you know they don't have an agenda, how do you know they aren't lying, how do you know what undeclared financial & political conflicts of interest they have?
Just because they are on the TV, that they keep repeating the same things, doesn't mean they are telling the truth.
Just because many people believe them doesn't mean it's true.
Many people will believe a lie if it is repeated often enough. Especially if it is a big lie. How could it be a lie?! Even though it is.


Here's a list of doctors trying to bring you the truth at great cost to themselves. Search for them on uncensored search engines and platforms such as Duck Duck Go, Telegram, Bitchute, Rumble and Odysee.
There are two Nobel Peace Prize winners and one nominee on this list.
Why so many? Why such diverse doctors? Is this a conspiracy? Are they all lying?
If you think this is a conspiracy, you are a conspiracy theorist.
As a friend of mine keeps saying "wake up !!!".
Politicians and the media have been lying. Creating propaganda. These doctors are trying to tell you the truth. Listen.
Why would these doctors speak out knowing they will lose their jobs? Why would they do that? Because they have morals, and they know it is the right thing to do.

If you won't listen, it is because you will not hear the truth. It means you are in denial, and you are a denier.

America's Frontline Doctors - - Google is censoring them so they must be worth following.
Frontline Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) - - With articles & great protocols

Dr. Sophie Febery (NZ) - Invercargill Council Meeting with Dr Sophie Febery on 7th Dec 2021
Dr. Alison Goodwin (NZ) - NZDSOS News Conference 15th Nov 2021 at 00:00
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Dr. Emanuel Garcia Psychiatrist (NZ) - NZDSOS News Conference 15th Nov 2021 at 37:00
Dr. Sam Bailey - Dr Sam Bailey's videos on Odysee

Dr. Michael Yeadon (Former Pfizer VP)
Dr. Robert Malone (mRNA inventor) - A must listen Joe Rogan interview from 1st Jan 2022
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Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Nobel PP Nominee)
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Dr. Rima Laibow
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Dr. Simone Gold - one of the America's Frontline Doctors
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