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It's all about trust. Trust is important. You develop a worldview based on what you are told.
Everything you believe is based upon what you have been told.
Most people do not have time to do throrough research. Some just rely on the headlines. Some read a bit more. Some the whole article. Few check for truthfulness.
Biased or untrue news/information will affect opinions, not just of individuals but of populations.

Fact Checkers

Do fact checkers improve trust? Only if you trust the fact checkers.
More than 400 years ago in the year 1615, the Catholic Church hired eleven ‘expert consultants’ and asked them to review the scientific work of Nicolaus Copernicus.
Copernicus, of course, was one of the first scientists to propose that the sun (not the earth) was at the center of the universe.
But even though Copernicus had been dead for more than 70 years at that point, his ideas still lived on… and were being advanced by none other than Galileo.
Galileo had published his own research with compelling evidence that Copernicus was right.
This view of the universe conflicted with Church teachings that the Earth was at the center of the universe.
So the Vatican decided to settle the matter with its panel of expert ‘fact checkers’.
On February 4, 1616, the fact checking committee issued its final report to Rome: the Earth is clearly the center of the universe. And any other view constituted heresy.
From On Censorship And Heresy by Simon Black


Does censorship improve trust?
If a mainstream media channel only allows certain views, and censors others, does that make what they output more trustworthy?
It depends upon whether you trust those who are censoring.
You cannot come to a considered view if you only get censored information.
Real science involves differences of opinion, debate, arguments, criticism.
Real science does not involve censorship.
Cancel culture is anti science, anti free speech, anti freedom.
Real science does not have "one source of truth"


What about those who label something "misinformation", or who censor what they claim is "misinformation", or who threaten legal action for publishing "misinformation"?
Who decides what is true and what is false?
Are they trustworthly? Do they have an agenda?
Do you trust the "gatekeeper" or would you prefer to make up your own mind?


Is propaganda a good or a bad thing? Is using any means possible to change views a good thing?
By defininition propaganda is the repeated publication of lies in order to change views to believe something that is not true.
Propaganda only works if you trust the source. If you do not, you can see the lies and bias.

The normal

Most people trust the mainstream media. But does that mean their views are based upon truth?
Does it matter to you whether your views are based upon truth?
Do you care if you have been manipulated by lies
Most people trust the mainstream media and mistrust the "alternative media".

Mainstream versus Alternate Media

So how do they compare?
The mainstream media is funded, practices censorship, and only allows certain views to be published.
By contrast, most alternative media are unfunded or poorly funded, and generally do not practice censorship, and publish a wide range of information and opinion. Strangely, most people trust the mainstream media and distrust the alternative media, because one has control and limits and is in theory a gatekeep of truth, while the other is uncontrolled and unlimited.
But in my experince the alternative media, because it is uncensored, is more trustworthy because those who disagree or can find factual fault, do so. What is published is usually open to criticism.
In my experience the alternative media covers more subjects, covers them better, and is more trustworthy than the mainstream media.

Uncensored and Open

It seems to me that the best way to have trustworthy news and information is to make sure there is no censorshp and to make sure that people can post feedback. Allow people to argue over the information.
This is similar to open source software versus proprietary software.
This is the opposite to what we are currently spoon fed.

The current mass formation psychosis

This evil has only occurred because of the lies and bias from the mainstream media and that the majority trust and follow the mainstream media
If this was not the case, most people would have got more varied and better information about Covid19, and would not have suffered as they have.

One way out of this evil

One way to get us out of this evil is to get the majority to see that the mainstream media is untrustworthy.
If the majority switch from following the mainstream to following the alternative media, they would gain a lot more and better information, and this psychosis would end.
Hence, my focus on one simple word. Trust.

Let's show that the mainstream lies

By gathering information, examples of articles/videos/news reports, we can expose the lies and bias, and break the grip of trust the mainstram has for many.